About Us

Who we are

We, the coffee team in Kanematsu Corporation*, are one of the leading specialty coffee importers in Japan. We travel all over the world and look for not only the best quality but also sustainable coffees. We mainly deal with farms, coops, and specialty exporters in the coffee producing countries. Since we are in a “human-being supply chain” so called coffee business, we put special emphasis in seeing farm owner’s personality and reliability.
* Our company is listed in the 1st Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange (code#8020). It originally was established in 1889 by Mr. Fusajiro Kanematsu and now annual sales is about 10 billon US$. Our coffee team is belonging to Foods and Foodstuffs department in it.

Our function

We buy/import, store, promote/enlighten and distribute coffee green beans to roaster clients. We also give finance to them. We have various sized roaster clients from gigantic to medium, small even micro roasters and the numbers of these roaster clients are almost about 1,000. We visit them and talk to them on face-face basis and promote/enlighten our products to them. We have four trader consultants and each of them has counterpart origins and clients account.

We also have some relationship and in developing some business with beverage or dairy companies who are the major coffee user in Japanese territory. We have some business source of private brand manufactures, too.

Our Coffee-Network System

We communicate micro roasters through this coffee-network system. Our member micro roaster clients can order both free samples and actual green bean products with using this membership website system. They can order from one to twenty five bags of green beans at once, which should be delivered within a couple of days throughout entire countries. They also receive e-mail magazine and special price list issued by us.

You are most welcome

If you are the coffee farmer or sort of supplier and looking for an appropriate Japanese specialty coffee expertise who can meet your demand, we Kanematsu Corporation will be the best business partner! Please send us an email to webmaster@coffee-network.jp.